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High-finance drama Billions has been given a 12-episode series order. Look for it on Showtime next year! VFX by Phosphene.


Steve McQueen’s HBO drama Codes of Conduct has been picked up as a limited series! Check out the article here. VFX by Phosphene.


TFIOS team is back together on Paper Towns. Check out the new trailer!


Check out the new Foxcatcher trailer! VFX by Phosphene. 


Phosphene is very excited to be a part of Drake Doremus’ Equals!


Check out this super gross nose cavity by Phosphene! 


The Fault in Our Stars opens today! Don’t forget to bring tissues to the theater! VFX by Phosphene.


Great Hedwig reviews! Here’s a Hollywood Reporter shout-out to Phosphene’s animation for “The Origin of Love.”:

“In less clever hands, a number like “The Origin of Love,” drawn from Aristophanes no less, might reek of art school-meets-gender studies. But the beauty of Mitchell and Trask’s show is that it takes the strangest of bedfellows — camp, punk and pathos — and blends them into something unexpectedly poignant. Mayer’s gorgeous staging of that song has Harris framed by animation on a scrim that recalls Emily Hubley’s doodles for the film, with images underscoring the lonely search of Hedwig’s divided self for completeness.”

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Check out this amazing review of Europa Report in Cinefex!


Last night there was a Europa Report Q & A with Kevin Hand, Michael Maher and Phosphene VFX Supervisor and Partner, John Bair! Watch it HERE!